Young Wife and her Loser Boyfriend
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cheating wife jazzmine

cheating wife jazzmine

Cheating Wife Jazzmine
After somehow getting several grand from her husband, this adulterous bitch not only used the money to rent an apartment for her deadbeat boyfriend, but she also spent alot of her time sucking his big cock and jerking him off on a bare mattress she bought with the money as well!

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Poolboy caught screwing rich man’s wife
Posted May 22, 2009 by admin

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Exotic beauty loved to suck other guys dicks
Hubby had alot of money, but he also had his doubts about his gorgeous newlywed wife with perfect 36c tits and outrageous body which was bound to get her into trouble. Little did he know the cheating slut was screwing the poolboy in the cabana behind his own house!

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Cheating Girlfriend Busted by Private Dick
Posted April 17, 2009 by admin

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From the files of a private investigator My client’s girlfriend was a spoiled blonde brat, even he admitted it. But lately it seemed as if he wasn’t the only one wasting money on this whore. She started showing up on dates with expensive-looking things that he hadn’t paid for. He got a bit insulted that Rachel wasn’t flashing his bling. Then he wondered where these things were coming from.

I set up my cameras and it wasn’t long until I discovered what was going on. The saddest part is that even after my client dumps her ass, that slut will have no problems finding more providers because she is the classic tall blonde with a body that just won’t quit. But she’s still a cheating skank slut!
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His Girlfriend was Paid to Cheat…with another Man
Posted April 9, 2009 by admin

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Girlfriend was cheating…for another guy
From the case files of a private investigator- In one of the more screwed up cases I had to deal with, a client came to me suspicious of his girlfriend, so he had me follow her. Turns out this red headed bimbo was being paid to cheat with some schmuck while another guy watched! Talk about demented, but its the world we live in I suppose. I finally got the damning evidence on hidden camera and showed it to the boyfriend who promptly kicked the bitch out on her ass.

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Lonely Wives Caught Cheating
Posted February 7, 2009 by admin

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This is going to be a sub-niche in the cheating wives and husbands category, as this woman “Lonely Wife” is starting a whole line of blogs aimed at sex scandals featuring two timing girlfriends and unfaithful housewives. Some of the posts refer to a private investigator hired by the suspecting husbands to plant survelliance cams to catch the adulterous milfs in action and others are about the actual jilted spouses and lovers who secretly hide hidden cameras to catch their “better halves” doing the deed. Busted Busty Wives features Big Tit Milfs who have been tailed by the private dick. The Lonely Cheating Wives blog features more of the homemade video taped sex scandal video.

Hidden Cams and Real Life Sex Scandals
Posted December 1, 2008 by admin

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You read about sex scandals on the news all the time, so it seems natural that you can now find many blogs and sites which post these hidden cam revenge videos, usually sent in by the angry spouses who suspected their husbands or wives were fooling around and decided to record the hard evidence! We have two blogs and an RSS blog feed which has many free “revenge cam” videos. 1st you should have a look at Cheaters Caught on Video, a voyeur site which specializes in posting great vids showing two timing hubbys and skank ho wives who have sex with anyone they can find! Then there’s Revenge Porn where the cheated on spouses have sent in videos from survelliance cameras they set up to trap their better (or worse in this case) halves. And finally there is a Real Life Sex Scandal RSS feed for their blog where you can find the latest candid movies showcasing marital infidelity in all of it’s heinous glory.