Poolboy caught screwing rich man’s wife
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Exotic beauty loved to suck other guys dicks
Hubby had alot of money, but he also had his doubts about his gorgeous newlywed wife with perfect 36c tits and outrageous body which was bound to get her into trouble. Little did he know the cheating slut was screwing the poolboy in the cabana behind his own house!

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Cheating Newlywed Teen Caught on Hidden Camera
Posted April 11, 2009 by admin

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My client had me tale his newlywed teen wife who was 19 at the time.  She was cute but she still was a dirty, rotten stinkin’ whore who deserves to get caught. I followed her around for a few days and finally recorded her on tape with another man.

It really gets me to see such a young girl ruining not only her life but her husband’s life. She ended up cheating on him with a muscle head asshole. I set up at least 14 cameras around the house and finally got the footage back of this adulterous bitch sucking the guy off. In my opinion I can care less who she screws, she is a slut who got caught in the act and promptly booted out the door.

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Private Eye Records Threeway Sex Romp on Hidden Camera
Posted April 10, 2009 by admin

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From the files of a private investigator “This case was chock full of deception. I was paid by a client to tale his young wife around because he suspected she was cheating on him while he was at the office. The little tramp is only 19 so immediately I knew she would be stupid enough to screw around. When I followed her for a few days I noticed she was hanging out with an older couple who at first I thought were her parents. Turns out I was wrong and this back stabbing little whore wife was actually having sex with this couple that were old enough to be her parents. I set up cameras in her place and when i reviewed the tapes, I had never before seen the twisted shit i saw on this video.

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Perverted Sex Stories and Videos
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This category is a close tie in with “Geeks and Freaks” featuring sexual oddities and perversions. About any legal deviant sexual behavior is depicted including gonzo anal sex, monsters and aliens with big dicks, girl perverts, pissing or peeing fetish videos and sex freaks of nature. The latter category features men with two penises, women with unusual vaginas or large nipples/breasts, donkey sized malformed dicks and just about any deformity you can imagine! Some of the videos presented are real and of course some of these are pure fantasy (obviously green aliens with monstrous 3 foot cocks from Mars is fake…or is it?!) but you can judge for yourself if you have a strong stomach! A newer example of this kind of blog can be found by clicking here.