Cheating Girlfriend Busted by Private Dick
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From the files of a private investigator My client’s girlfriend was a spoiled blonde brat, even he admitted it. But lately it seemed as if he wasn’t the only one wasting money on this whore. She started showing up on dates with expensive-looking things that he hadn’t paid for. He got a bit insulted that Rachel wasn’t flashing his bling. Then he wondered where these things were coming from.

I set up my cameras and it wasn’t long until I discovered what was going on. The saddest part is that even after my client dumps her ass, that slut will have no problems finding more providers because she is the classic tall blonde with a body that just won’t quit. But she’s still a cheating skank slut!
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Cheating Newlywed Teen Caught on Hidden Camera
Posted April 11, 2009 by admin

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My client had me tale his newlywed teen wife who was 19 at the time.  She was cute but she still was a dirty, rotten stinkin’ whore who deserves to get caught. I followed her around for a few days and finally recorded her on tape with another man.

It really gets me to see such a young girl ruining not only her life but her husband’s life. She ended up cheating on him with a muscle head asshole. I set up at least 14 cameras around the house and finally got the footage back of this adulterous bitch sucking the guy off. In my opinion I can care less who she screws, she is a slut who got caught in the act and promptly booted out the door.

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Cheating Wife Double Teamed by Two Guys
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Private Investigator Tracks Cheating Wives and Girlfriends – On a two week stakeout of this adulterous whore I was almost convinced she wasn’t being unfaithful to my client, but after one week I followed her to a gym that was not her regular spot. She met up with some jerk who takes her back to her house and gets right to it. And while they are screwing on the couch someone knocks on the door. This darling wife answers the door butt naked and proceeds to invite the guy in for a threeway! This is by far one of the biggest whores I had the disgust to catch cheating. I suppose with a body like hers she could have any guy she wants too bad she has no soul to go with it.

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Private Eye Records Threeway Sex Romp on Hidden Camera
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From the files of a private investigator “This case was chock full of deception. I was paid by a client to tale his young wife around because he suspected she was cheating on him while he was at the office. The little tramp is only 19 so immediately I knew she would be stupid enough to screw around. When I followed her for a few days I noticed she was hanging out with an older couple who at first I thought were her parents. Turns out I was wrong and this back stabbing little whore wife was actually having sex with this couple that were old enough to be her parents. I set up cameras in her place and when i reviewed the tapes, I had never before seen the twisted shit i saw on this video.

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His Girlfriend was Paid to Cheat…with another Man
Posted April 9, 2009 by admin

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Girlfriend was cheating…for another guy
From the case files of a private investigator- In one of the more screwed up cases I had to deal with, a client came to me suspicious of his girlfriend, so he had me follow her. Turns out this red headed bimbo was being paid to cheat with some schmuck while another guy watched! Talk about demented, but its the world we live in I suppose. I finally got the damning evidence on hidden camera and showed it to the boyfriend who promptly kicked the bitch out on her ass.

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Lonely Wives Caught Cheating
Posted February 7, 2009 by admin

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This is going to be a sub-niche in the cheating wives and husbands category, as this woman “Lonely Wife” is starting a whole line of blogs aimed at sex scandals featuring two timing girlfriends and unfaithful housewives. Some of the posts refer to a private investigator hired by the suspecting husbands to plant survelliance cams to catch the adulterous milfs in action and others are about the actual jilted spouses and lovers who secretly hide hidden cameras to catch their “better halves” doing the deed. Busted Busty Wives features Big Tit Milfs who have been tailed by the private dick. The Lonely Cheating Wives blog features more of the homemade video taped sex scandal video.