Pornstar Bree Olson
Posted January 20, 2009 by admin

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We are beginning a series on virtual reality and sex machines for The first in this series will focus on Bree Olson, a very famous porn star who will enter history books next week when her virtual pussy will be available to fuck for the first time! Of course she will also suck your cock if you want. This revolutionary new device will change the way you think about virtual sex and videos on demand. Please bookmark us or subscribe to our RSS feed and come back in about a week for some BIG NEWS. For now here is the blog featuring blonde hardcore star Bree Olson.

Cheating Wives and Husbands caught on hidden cams
Posted January 6, 2009 by admin

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Revenge cams are very popular now especially with the advent of small,cheap video cameras making it easy for jilted spouses and lovers to catch their two timing partners red handed in the act. There are several sites which have advertised for people to submit their videos with amazing results. Of course alot of people marry unfaithful husbands or wives, but the idea that they are getting sweet vengeance in the digital world is a new twist. Office sex scandals, hotel trists caught on tape and even spouses caught screwing other people in their own bedrooms are all over the net now, and a new example of this kind of niche can be found on the Cheating Wives and Husbands blog which has many great free movie samples showing what happens when cheated on lovers get their sweet revenge via hidden camera.