Sex ChatRoulette For Real Girls Live 24/7
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Here’s a new take on the original chat roulette theme, but this time you’re not going to have to look at some guy waving his dick! On Sex Chatroulette you can meet hot women who are looking to meet guys for some LIVE ACTION.
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SnatchAlot Porn Reviews
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snatchalot porn reviewsAs promised we proudly present our first ever premium porn site review blog which lists what we think are some of the best and most honest porn paysites on the net.
We have done test trials on many of these sites and have gathered more information working with other directories to create a list we can present to the public.
We will continue to add many more paysites in the upcoming weeks and months and we welcome your comments and suggestions along the way.
Please use the form below if you have any questions or if you have an opinion or review of your own on one of these sites you would like to share.
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If you are thinking about paying for porn
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Here are a few things to keep in mind if you find a porn site you are considering becoming a member of.
1)Price- Is the content advertised worth what they are charging? Sure it might sound good but you should do a look up on Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engine of choice to find other user opinions of the site or reviews.
How often does the site update is an important aspect when reading reviews.
2)How much are you actually paying? When you go to join the site be sure to look carefully to see if there are pre-checked “x sells” boxes before you purchase and uncheck those if you don’t want to pay for extra sites. You will usually see these pre-checked boxes towards the bottom of the join page where you fill out your information.
3)Make sure you have contact information on the site if you have problems upon signing up.
4)Some sites will offer deals like “3 months for 30 percent off” which can be a great deal if the site is worth it. Once again do a little bit of research to see if this is a good option.

We are putting together a porn review site which should be ready by Monday, May 17th. This will be an ongoing list of all kinds of pay sites, pay per view and online stores.

Why Do You Pay For Porn?
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A recent survey was taken of 1000 surfers who were asked why they pay for porn when so much is available for free.
Here is the top answer by far:
“I DON’T TRUST tube sites and torrents. I don’t want to get my PC infected by a virus or have a free site abuse my credit card or get spam mail and other annoying crap.”

When I read that I was surprised but then I got to thinking, of course that would be the number one answer. By now alot of you have probably visited illegal tubes and torrents and many of you may have gotten a virus or got spam etc. from one of these sites. I know I have, which is why I avoid them like the plague now.

Another thing which you should be aware of is the heightened attack on USERS who download pirated videos and movies. A case which is happening as I write this involves the movie “Hurt Locker.” They are successfully going after thousands of individuals who illegally downloaded the movie. In this case they have 75% of the isp’s cooperating in order to get the i.d.’s of the individual users in order to sue them for piracy. Here is a link to the story.

We here at Snatchalot want to bring all of this to your attention because we actually care about people who visit our sites and we don’t want anyone getting a raw deal from an unscrupulous site which would turn them off from buying adult content forever.

What do you think? Feel free to send us a comment about this and when we collect enough we will post the results on this site.

GF Videos and Ex-Girlfriends Pics
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GF Videos and Ex-girlfriends PicsOne of the hottest niches in adult right now has to be the ex-girlfriends and amateur GF video – photo sub genre that has the web buzzing. Of course alot of these are fake, but we’ve found two that at least deliver the goods as far as naked and explicit XXX girlfriend content goes.
The first is pictured and is off a blog called Naked Girlfriends which mainly advertises the fine amateur site Shameless Gf’s, and is probably the best for constant updates and great background stories on the how the boyfriends submitted pics and videos of their ex girlfriends after a harsh break up..part of the healing process I guess!
The second is Pawn Your Sex Tape from a new blog called Amateur Sex Tapes. Very hot pics of young babes who don’t mind baring it all and performing lewd acts for their darling beaus, only to discover later that their ex-lover uploaded the footage for the whole world to gawk at!

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Mason Moore Live Sex Show
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Watch this Diva of DP get butt ass naked and go crazy in a wild no holes barred LIVE Sex Performance TODAY! This Afternoon at 3pm PST, 6 pm EST Mason Moore will go live one on one with Stunt Cock Steve Holmes in what promises to be a hardcore performance you won’t want to miss! You will be there Live with the cast and crew as they shoot this 60 minute fuck fest. You can chat with Mason and suggest lewd things which need to be done to her awesome tattooed body!

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